Our Commitment

We’re dedicated to the belief that precision oncology has the extraordinary power to improve patient outcomes. By looking at the unique dimensions of cancer found in blood, we are unlocking insights that can increasingly help patients across all stages of cancer.

Unlocking Insights to Help Find, Treat, and Monitor Cancer

Today our proprietary blood tests are helping to realize the full potential of precision oncology by providing patients and their doctors critical insights that can inform decisions at all stages of the disease, from screening, to monitoring cancer recurrence, to treatment decisions.

Cancer Screening

To help identify cancer at the earliest stages, we developed Shield, a blood test for cancer screening in average-risk adults without symptoms, that detects very early signs of cancer by interrogating genomic alterations, methylation, and fragmentomic signals from a simple blood draw. The test seeks to offer an accurate, easy to complete, blood-based approach to cancer screening. By leveraging data from the thousands of patients we’ve already tested, we have developed a test that demonstrates high sensitivity and specificity for early cancer detection.

A simple blood test can help improve cancer screening rates by overcoming barriers associated with currently available methods.

Early-Stage Cancer

In early-stage cancer we offer Guardant Reveal, a blood test that detects minimal residual disease (MRD) through circulating tumor DNA (ctDNA) in a patient’s blood, looking at both genomic alterations and methylation. By interrogating these crucial signals in the blood, this test can identify patients with residual disease who may benefit most from adjuvant therapy, and identify cancer recurrence.

By detecting minimal residual disease after surgery, doctors can have a better understanding of which patients are at high-risk for recurrence.

Advanced Cancer

In advanced cancer, our Guardant Complete portfolio has helped to accelerate adoption of precision medicines, or targeted therapies, which have made a radical difference in improving outcomes for patients battling advanced cancer. The number of FDA-approved therapies grows each year, and our blood tests enable guideline recommended complete genomic testing in order to help match patients to these targeted therapies. Guardant 360 Response can also monitor a patient’s response to treatment, to help doctors refine treatment even further.

Precision medicines target the genomic alterations, or biomarkers, of a patient’s cancer and can be more effective than one-size-fits-all chemotherapy.

Conquering Cancer With Data

Learn how blood, and the insights it holds, has the power to transform cancer care across the continuum.

Helping Patients at All Stages of Cancer